1. Request to register for the TEDxGenevaChange event.  Registration is now closed as places are strictly limited to 100 participants.  The participation fee is 15 CHF.

2. Join the global conversation. Follow TEDxChange on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Watch the satellite TEDxGenevaChange webcast.  The 120-minute program will be streamed live from 3-5pm CET.  RSVP to the TEDxGenevaChange webcast event on Facebook.

4. Then watch the main TEDxChange webcast. The 90-minute program from TEDxChange in Berlin will be streamed live on on April 5, 2012 at 5:30pm CET. RSVP to the TEDxChange webcast event on Facebook.

5. View video footage of the live speakers from TEDxGenevaChange.  All video footage of the live speakers from TEDxGenevaChange will be available within one month after the event.

6. Follow TEDxGenevaChange for Twitter updates on TEDxGenevaChange.